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Amor de Madre

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Exact, liquids measuring jar for the kitchen.

In 2003, excited with the idea of a close future where everyone could print their objects in their houses, I designed this measuring jar for the kitchen. It is a product designed to question the shape of the objects that surround us. 

Thanks to the manufacturing freedom offered by 3D printing, it would be possible to create every shape that you wanted, in this case moving away from the more typical laboratory shapes that kitchen measuring tools have and linking to the aqueous form of the liquid and to a less slippery surface for better use. Although generated in a random way, it would be, like its name indicates, a precise object. Exact.

Exact was exhibited at the #OposGallery during the 2006 Milan Furniture Fair.

Eighteen years later, 3D printing has become popular. I want to share this piece with anyone who wants it. If you want to print your Exact, you can do it by downloading the STL file through our website (link bio) , or by DM and we’ll share the file with you.

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