About Us

Amor de Madre is a Barcelona design hub, specializing in items for the home.

We offer contemporary solutions to lifelong domestic quandaries. We devise and design each piece by following an original creative process, supported by four basic pillars: freedom, coherence, simplicity and usability. We work with noble materials and we care about the environment.

Since 2006, Amor de Madre – under the direction of designer Ernest Perera – has been dedicated to creating objects for the home and those that inhabit it.

We mold them, driven by the strength of our love: love for our work, our planet, our family, our partners… And from all this, come objects that offer a new perspective, provide ingenious solutions, make our everyday lives easier and factor in a humorous twist. Useful, timeless and additive-free objects that echo quality and respect for the material.

We’re glad that honesty and authenticity are reflected in each new product we design, we dig surf, rock & roll, beer and great nosh… We love the objects we sell because we gave birth to them!

Sex, Objects and Rock & Roll!

Graphic design: Gerard Marín