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Butter Knife 

The knife is part of the Table Knife Project promote by Florentine Knife company.
This piece starts discovering the Scotch Hand tool. This was used as butter churned, pressing the butter against the side of the butter tub so that any excess buttermilk liquid forming in the fat pockets of the butter, would be forced out to stiffen the consistency of the butter.
The wood tool has several carved lines all over the surface. These useful ones are used on the knife to generate a special way to spread butter. There are two versions, one made in brass that comes comes with a Iroko wood pad to put the butter and the other version made in micarta, a special material used for knife handles.
All pieces are carved by a cnc machine and polished by hand.
Brass version is a limited Edition of 20 numbered units

Size:  Knife 14x2x0,4cm
         Wood base 12x9x2cm 

Made in Barcelona
Designer: Ernest Perera